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  1. Anonymouse says:

    I think I’m too sleepy ’cause I can’t see what’s wrong with the last picture.

    But the fourth one is a winner. Needs to be bashed.

  2. Anonymouss says:

    Someone can tell me what’s wrong? T_T

  3. TheBigN says:

    So much extraneous text. That’s one thing that annoys me about fansubs, but they’re free so take what you can get, I guess. :P

  4. meganeshounen says:

    Yeah, sometimes, watching softsubbed shows are better than watching subs that are overly loaded with text…

  5. Karry says:

    Umm…and the point of this whole post is ?

  6. I think I’m too sleepy ’cause I can’t see what’s wrong with the last picture.

    It’s not the worst offender, but it makes me laugh that the fansubbers went through all that trouble to make their logo look like the show’s.

  7. digitalboy says:

    i actually like it when they go through the trouble. I read the english ones till I’m used to the song, then read along with the Japanese ones when I know the tune. I like to be able to sing the songs >_> constantly. I’ve never been sure why they go through the trouble of puttting the Japanese characters on there as well.


    studio adtrw for life :V

  9. Area88 says:

    Hehe, yeah it’s kind of riduclous that fansub groups feel the need to create a logo to emulate the professional companies. As if anyone other than the person who made it, actually cares?

    Use avi splitter to cut it out and joiner to add the original clean opening back in, lol. Not that I can be bothered to do that but it would be funny if someone released it as V2 in a torrent.

  10. Anonymouse says:


    For a moment I thought you were laughing at the second fansub’s name. XD

    I’m sometimes surprised at the lengths some fansubbers go to make the anime they fansub more ‘custom’, so to speak. Forget about logos, I’m talking about ads, effects, Windows XP shots… I’d name AnimeUnderground’s (spanish fansub) Suzumiya Haruhi for example; the fansubbers translated each menu of the windows xp screens on the show, replacing each of the japanese messages with the appropiate text in spanish.

  11. 0rion says:

    Man, I’m amazed at all the people who *don’t* appreciate those extra touches that fansub groups work hard to put into their releases. I think it’s a nice classy touch when a group makes a cool logo that matches the show, and it’s usually a sign of a high quality group.

    As for the person who wondered why they include the kanji in their karaoke…maybe it’s for people who can *gasp* read Japanese.

    Certainly I’ll take a quality translation over swoopy effects any day, but it’s still nice to see groups that can crank out a slick product.

  12. TheBigN says:

    Orion: Depends on how much space is being taken up, and if the information is useful (like a note explaining things people won’t get). But I don’t mind if it’s a parody sub, for example. :P

  13. tomoyo says:

    “your not happy loev! blue saurus!”

    (see last panel of this Dan Kim comic)

    It’d be nice if more fansubbers focused on translating the actual credits of the show rather than put up fancy karaoke kerfluffle and their own graffiti on it (I especially think it’s lame to make one’s own credits for subbing look like it’s part of the actual staff credits on top of not translating said credits).

    That said, I’ll take a very good QC’d fansub with the usual title/karaoke fluff over most “pro quality” commercial subs I’ve bought any day.

    I admit, knowing some Japanese, I often like to see the Japanese lyrics…but often they are done by ear and end up being partly inaccurate anyway (at least until someone gets the cd single and does a ver. 2 if you are lucky), which makes the ones in kanji all the more BS.

  14. andromeda says:

    i personally loved the series. i don’t watch much anime, but this i like. any recommendations? i usually like the comedies, and slice-of-life ones. don’t like excessive drama or violence/gore (unless it’s pulled off well like afro samurai)

    i’ve seen and liked serial experiments lain, azumanga daioh, chobits(sorta, but i haven’t seen it in so long i’m not sure of my stance), lucky star, moetan, zero no tsukaima, kodomo no jikan, ugh, i guess that’s it.

    oh and i was wondering what series this banner came from

  15. andromeda says:

    oh geez, my bad. that comment was supposed to go to the post about lucky star ending. but hopefully i can still get some answers here.

  16. That banner is from Hayate no Gotoku.