Comic Site Rant: ナギタンのエロ同人誌ktkr

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It happened kind of like this.

[22:42:56] Tatsujin: wah you should totally translate that one into Japanese for laughs
[22:43:09] wildarmsheero: if I knew Japanese

After that the guys who knew Japanese in the channel started translating it out of bordom. Here is Shingo’s translation (of the Heisei Democracy), and here is kransom’s translation (of Welcome Datacomp). Ransom’s translation isn’t very accurate at all, but I feel it really captures the spirit of the comic. And by that, I mean it’s almost all written in 2ch slang. As near as I can tell, anyway. I’ve always considered finding some way to get the comic in Japanese, but I doubt it’d garner much of a readership (according to Google Analytics I have all of 6 readers in Japan), and it’d just make me look like more of a Japanophile anyway. On to the comic itself, I’m mostly happy with the artwork. The only really problem is Rets’ hueg head in panel 3, and the layout for the last two panels. I mostly like the panel layout up to that point, but after that it looks lazy. The thing is, I wanted to put emphasis on those two images, and shrinking them so they’d fit better into the layout would lessen their impact. Who knows, maybe that abrasive panel layout helps emphasize them more. I’ll talk it over with Scott McCloud… You probably won’t get this joke if you aren’t familiar with the current slew of Hayate no Gotoku doujin coming out (it seems to be all Hinagiku…) and Japanese p2p programs with their fake files (lord knows how many times I tried to get a Kanon episode off Winny only for it to be an episode of Naruto or amateur porn.) Share works a little better for me with respect to fake files, but kransom reports often getting scat or viruses. Hence the punch line. This is probably a part 1 of 2.

There was a forum for about 2 days, but I had to take it down because apparently it was fucking up the server. Sorry to the people who I promised a forum to. I may put one back up once our internets gets better, or I could just put up a light Kareha board. I’m liking the sound of the latter… I got most of maintenance done to the site that I wanted to do before school started, but I still need to update the reference guide. I also need to totally redesign my art site, but that has nothing to do with anything.

I just came back from a meeting with my study abroad advisor (literally, just now. Between these two paragraphs) and it seems that if I can get everything organized this year, then I’ll be about to go to Japan in spring of 2009. Which is good news. After that, I popped down to Borders and picked up Yotsubato 4 (finally.) I need to pick up a bunch of other things such as old Kazuo Koike titles, those Golgo compilations, Gunsmith Cats (after watching Riding Bean, I need more~) and He is My Master (didn’t know it was out already.) I would get Ichigo Mashimaro, but 3 volumes in, I don’t really like the localization. I usually don’t have these kinds of problems, but sometimes they present themselves. I just don’t like the script-writing. I much prefer the scanslations I read a year or so ago. If my Japanese ever gets anywhere (taking Japanese 1 this year) then I’ll pick up the Japanese volumes.

I kind of want to talk about some other things (like some currently running anime) but I’ll hold of since I just went on nutso Kaede campaign. She’s up in Saimoe today, so vote for her! I’ll just note that I wrote an essay on the Rebuild of Eva, since that’s what everyone’s talking about. I’ve read some light spoilers, and now I kinda wish I didn’t :(

That’s all for this week. Later kids.