Here goes! Fall 2007 anime picks post, GO!


What have I been doing over the past two days? Well, aside from moving back into my apartment, looking at porno animes, watching “To Catch a Predator” clips and catching up on my backlog, I’ve also been reading up on the FALL 2007 ANIME TV SEASON. At first I was reading terrible blog entires written in what kind of looked like English, but probably wasn’t, and that eventually made me bleed out of my ears. So, instead of killing myself slowly, I hit up the ol’ ADTRW and found this thread, which lists every new show with a nice, succinct description, and sometimes youtube previews. NICE! What follows is a list of shows organized by IMPORTANCE along with witty comments.

Wow, I thought I didn’t have a lot, but apparently I do. :(

Will watch come hell or high-water

  • Genshiken 2: Finally, the epic story of otaku in love finishes in its anime incarnation! Judging from the recent screencaps and previews, the designs have been updated to be more detailed than in the last two, and overall the characters look well rendered. It’ll probably be low-budget, but so long as them still images are pretty, I don’t mind. Also, with Yuuko Gotou as Sue, what could possibly go wrong?
  • Kodomo no Jikan: Could possibly be better than the manga, provided the animation is as awesome the preview makes it out to be. KnJ is a story which demands movement and colour, both of which anime can deliver. The fanservice will probably be toned down, but DVD cuts will most likely fix that. Also, I swear we’ll get back to scanslating the manga…

Stuff that looks pretty neat

  • Sketch Book ~Full Color’s~: Should be some sweet slice of lifey, charming and cute yonkoma adaptation. I like those, so I’ll give it a whirl. Also, it has some nice character designs.
  • Clannad: FROM THE CREATORS OF KANON AND AIR COMES… CLANNAD. Yet another Key adaptation by KyoAni. Given the quality of Air and Kanon, checking this one out is a given. I don’t know much past the promo video, though.
  • Minami-ke ~okawari~: Liking the promo art a lot, and apparently it’s just a simple slice of life thing. Always a winning formula, if you ask me.
  • Ghost Hound: Promo art gives me the vibes I got after looking at the Jigoku Shoujo website back whenever ago. This, however is a production of Production IG, Masamune Shirow and Nakamura Ryutaro (a director who does shows I’ve never seen but he apparently knows his stuff) so it’ll probably be good.
  • ef – a tale of memories: This would go in one of the positions under this one, but with Shaft on animation duty and Shinkai being somehow involved cranks it up a couple of notches. I couldn’t care less for the story at this point, but it seems to have decent people behind it, so it’s worth checking out.

I may as well watch these, given I am familiar with their respective franchises

  • Death Note three hour special: Three hour clip show, edited to look like it’s from Ryuk’s perspective. Only watching for the new footage.
  • Gundam 00: Will probably be terrible, but much like Konata’s father, it’s my obligation to watch it, as a fan. Honestly, this is like Wing 2.0… What happened to Gundam shows that demanded images such as the one in this very post? :(
  • Hidamari Sketch special: If I ever finish the real TV show.
  • Shakugan no Shana II: Watched the first season because the Itou Noiji art intrigued me, and came out very underwhelmed. Hoping this season will fix a lot of the previous one’s problems, which mostly lied in the direction and the writing. Then again, it’s not like Shana was well-written to begin with

Stuff that is mildly interesting but I’m not really writing the folks about it

  • Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji: I saw about five minutes of Akagi late night at Otakon 2006, and thought it was very strange, and very awesome. No one will sub this, but on the off chance that someone does, I’ll check it out. Unlike normal people, I love this art-style.
  • Dragonaut- The Resonance: Going to be a very trashy and possibly badly animated piece by Gonzo, but the Uno Makoto designs are fucking sinful. You know, like dark chocolate. I want to be inside every single one of the female characters. The promo has too many CG dragons :(
  • You’re Under Arrest 3: Do you have to see the first two shows to get this one? They’ve always been on my to-watch list…
  • Moyasimon: Only watching because it looks so incredibly bizzare. Also airing on Noitamina, which means it’s kinda for my age range. I think this is actually seinen and not jousei, though.
  • Prsim Ark: Actually has a pretty awesome concept from what I read, but the production art is so moe that I can hardly take it seriously, and it probably won’t do so either. And if it does, it’ll do so badly. I kind of like the designs, so I’ll check out an episode. Will probably be very low budget.
  • KimiKiss Pure Rouge: Only really watching because I like the original game designs. Should be a standard romance. With hope it’ll have budget.

Stuff I won’t watch

  • Blue Drop: The people I know that’ll like this annoy me because they like such things, and thusly I won’t watch it. I do rather like the use of 3D graphics in the promo though. I wish more anime would utilize 3D work in the backgrounds, so they can pull off more cinematic shots.

Wow I wrote too much. Time to watch cartoons instead of writing words on the internet.