Comic Site Rant: Virgin’s high!

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This comic is pretty terrible. Well, the art is anyway. The joke is fine, I suppose. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Pretty true to life, except for the fact that I’ll be quiting my own job in a day. The drawings are all wrong here, and the backgrounds are pretty bad. I’m not good with things like stores, since they demand a lot of things that look different. Me, being lazy just decided to make everything the same. Yeah, that entire aisle is cans. Cans of what? Who knows… I do kind of like the opening shot. Can you all tell that’s meant to be a fish-eye from the shelf?  I’ll really try to make the next one better, I promise.

I don’t have much to say past this. I haven’t watched any anime today, as I’ve spent all day on this, or putting up 10 Megami posters (just got 88, lots of nice posters.) In my final weeks before school, I’ll try to update the site a bit– update the character section with better drawings, add an introduction, update the reference guide, and some other things. I’ll also try to completely overhaul my artsite and edit up the Otakon podcast.

So yeah, that’s it, later.