300 is not manly :(

My father rented 300 against his better judgment today, on BLURAY. BLURAY because my brother has a PS3 and we figured it’d be neat to test it out. From all the internet talk about it, I assumed it would be at least mindless manliness, but it wasn’t even that. It was just dumb :(

Maybe my idea of manliness is just more in line with this. I dunno.

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10 Responses to 300 is not manly :(

  1. digitalboy says:

    For once, WAH, I disagree with you. I love that movie…

  2. Well I just hate all movies that aren’t over 20 years old.

  3. Mike says:

    The movie was OK–forgettable for me. You should have seen the huge number of 300 references at the Masquerade at Anime Expo this year though. If I’d heard one more “Madness? THIS…IS…!” I was ready to go Spartan on someone myself. :-p

  4. digitalboy says:

    Heh, I can’t decide if you’re serious or not ^^;;

  5. roast-beefy says:

    “It was just dumb :(”


    Hollywood sucks.

  6. plounted says:

    well now.
    you can go comparing everything to g gundam because that would be unfair.
    300 just looked nice. rippling and airbrushed nice.

  7. Cloro says:

    nah 300 sucked even with the historical references they did what they wanted and ruined the movie and the second halve of the movie its kinda boring.

    300 its not worth to be bought. IMO

  8. TheBigN says:

    I came into the theater with little expectations for 300, and I walked away from it having a good time watching it. I didn’t expect it to be accurate or make sense (it’s not/it doesn’t), I did expect it to be dramatic (very), and I wanted it to be entertaining (it was). So I don’t know~

  9. It lacks God Fingers, and is therefore un-manly.

  10. ram says:

    i bought it on dvd and saw it yesterday the first time, to me it was pretty interesting, much like sin city, it wont stand the test of time tho….