please come here now sky girls

I feel bad deleting episodes of Sky Girls after I watch them, as I find that I am truly liking the show enough to archive it for at least some time. All the elements just work so well for me. The character design, the voice acting, the animation, the setting, the premise, all of it. It just works damn well. Well, at least in the first four episodes. It has about 22 episodes left to go, and things can easily go sour. However, with JC Staff at the helm, I have confidence.

Honestly, I have no idea why I’m even thinking about this show after watching it. Generally with these types of shows I just watch them, have a good time, then move on to the next thing. Maybe it’s because my expectations were fairly low, and I was just so throughly surprised by the show’s quality. However, I don’t know why my expectations were low in the first place– I loved the OVA and thought “wow this should be a series.” I guess I just like to play it safe.

I guess the main things that really make it for me are the extremely sexy character design, the likable but somewhat familiar characters and awesome animation. The other stuff is good enough to make the show a bit more intelligible than Girls Bravo, but not truly remarkable as of yet. But hey, it’s pretty neat. I hope it develops into a very corny yet entertaining drama. I love those.