A most troubling problem

I have a dilemma: I’m about the finish the Tenchi TV series, which by the way is mostly good due to nostalgia value, but seems a slightly above average series for its time. I prefer the first half to the second slightly, since it’s funnier. But yeah, I’m about to finish that up, and I need something else to re-watch.

I have a couple series out that I’ve been considering, mostly because I liked them enough when they aired/when I saw them, and I’ve been meaning to get around to watching them again. The series in question are: Giant Robo, Zeta Gundam, He is My Master, Shuffle!, Ah! My Goddess TV (both seasons), NHK ni Youkoso!, Lupin III series 1 and Shinigami No Ballad. This is a very strange list, I know. I have strange tastes. Who watches both Giant Robo and HiMM? And even then, since when does it become a dilemma to choose between the two? It is a mystery.

Chances are I’ll just watch Giant Robo before all of these because it’s short enough, and clearly one of the most important pieces of animation ever produced by human hands. After that, I may move on to Zeta Gundam (after reviewing the original movies again) as Zeta Gundam is awesome and must be viewed 700 times in any anime fan’s life time. After those two, I’ll go on re-watching the newer series from over the past three years. I would have put Karin and Air on that list, but they’re coming out on DVD now so I can just buy those. There are also a good amount of series I need to see for the first time. Things like Ideon, Cobra, Hokuto no Ken and Yamato 2. Maybe I should stop watching 10 new shows each season.

I was going to mix another post into this one about Saimoe, but this post became crazy long for some reason. I’ll make a Saimoe post later.

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17 Responses to A most troubling problem

  1. Shiro says:

    Go with HiMM, and then REC!

  2. digitalboy says:

    don’t watch NHK for the same reason I’m holding off – DVDs coming by year-end, right? Wouldn’t want to oversaturate it (especially if you’ve been reading the manga). Shinigami no Ballad is really easy to get in at random. 6 episodes with no linear plot – it’s infinitely flexible.

    Good to know I’m not the only one with thee urge to watch back anime lately. Though lately I’ve been watching so much anime 24/7 that I think my brain’s gunna explode.

  3. Oh yeah, NHK DVDs. More things to buy.

    I should also put CCS and Tsukuyomi on that list, too.

  4. roast-beefy says:

    Watch something new, anything really. Ideon, Dokkoida, etc.

    @Shiro – I was going to ask you how REC is and if I should watch it, but you mentioned Himm in the same sentence so your taste is suspect :P

  5. Hidoshi says:

    Go for Zeta Gundam or Ah! My Goddess. NHK ni Yakuso doesn’t work that well as an anime — far, far inferior as it is to its manga counterpart. Giant Robo may also tickle your fancy. I liked it, just not as much as the first two I mentioned.

  6. emmyriceball says:

    I say HiMM, since it’s an easy show to just watch whenever and you don’t have to keep track of what’s going on too much.

  7. Hidoshi: That list is all things I’ve seen already, so I’ve already formed opinions on them from a previous viewing. These are things I want to watch again.

  8. I’d personally go with Zeta, though if I were to rewatch it, I’d skip over the early parts of the Rosamia arc.

  9. plounted says:

    NHK ni Youkoso was a great anime. watch it now.
    great great great.

    also, i have giant robo but havent watched it yet.

  10. Guys, please keep in mind all the shows I mention in the first list are things I’ve seen. I’m considering rewatching them :V

  11. digitalboy says:

    Whoever doesn’t like the NHK anime is crazzy. I like it more than the manga myself – manga gets points for being more zany, but the anime’s style pushes it over.

    What is REC?

  12. REC is about a man in love with a seiyuu. It had a somewhat controversial first episode.

    NHK anime is better because its random events seem more tied together and unified than in the manga. The manga really has art style going for it though.

  13. random guest says:

    if you’re aching for more tenchi watch something by the same creators – like el hazard or something.

  14. digitalboy says:

    I’m not saying that the manga doens’t have great artstyle, but I feel like the anime had the advantage of, well, being anime in that it had visual and musical effects that a manga can’t have. For example, while both feature the maddening anime song, only the anime captures the true madness and emcompassing horror that is that song. Watching the anime, I really felt like I was being drawn into a mad world.

  15. Yes, I agree. Also, despite the crunky animation, NHK anime has some clever direction.

  16. tomoyo says:

    Giant Robo and Zeta are great choices and in my own “rewatch” queue too. But don’t forget to add some Nanoha to your “new” queue… XD

  17. Oh, sure I’ll get to Nanoha. But it’s licensed now, so I may as well like… Netflix it or something. Provided it get a Netflix account.