WiP: Nagi Bikini

I take pictures of these things now since the paper is too big, and I don’t feel like piecing together many scans of a rough sketch. Anyway, this is some Nagi fanart I’m doing. Sort of influenced by all the cheesecake posters in Megami. Thus far, all the Hayate posters in Megami have not been very fanservicey, so I felt I needed to fix that in some way. In general Hayate doesn’t have much fanservice associated it with it at all, even in the dakimakura (I like it, but just a bit more skin, please)! I guess that’s the curse of airing at around 10am on a Sunday.

I’m liking where this is going. I’ll leave it over night and look at it in the morning, just to see if anything wants to be changed, then I’ll go on to colouring. I think I’ll go back to cel-shading for this one.

You know, whenever I do pics like this I keep telling myself I should do something more artistic. I will. Eventually. I’d like to pump out more like this.