Siesta Pillow: Tested…

…and approved!

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12 Responses to Siesta Pillow: Tested…

  1. ojisan says:


  2. DigitalBoy says:

    looks like you cleaned up afterward, too, seeing as I can’t find a jizz stain. very nice!

  3. roast-beefy says:


    You are the prince of tennis!

  4. I just had a nice night sleeping with her, too :3

  5. Shiro says:

    How could you, she needs to spend more time with Saito!

  6. Shiro says:

    Oh thats right, you do love a tsundere.

  7. Cloro says:

    omg what i can say thumbs up i want to get some anime like bed sheet but i dont know where get them oh well you did a great job cleaning

    … lol

  8. Don’t know where to get them?


  9. Cloro says:

    i should lurk more that site…

  10. uberlegen says:

    Thumb goes there?