Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Episode 3

Needed a sub because there were too many words that I couldn’t understand.

As far as hilarity goes, this one was probably back down to the level of episode 1. This is mostly because I don’t find Kaede all that funny. The whole split personality gag doesn’t really click with me. She’s amusing enough though. Not really a fan of blond hair, however.  I liked Tarou though. What made me laugh at the first two episodes were how they took very serious issues, such as stalkers, and didn’t take them seriously at all. Tarou is an illegal immigrant girl living in Japan under a fake name (clearly fake, because I believe Tarou is a boy’s name?) with a bunch of other illegal immigrants. The level to which this issue is mocked is almost offensive, and thusly incredibly hilarious. Tarou also worked as a hilariously sarcastic commentary on Japanese society. She was saying everyone in the country is so nice, because they call people cute even when they aren’t, and that certain kinds of people are “nice” to little children. God, that last part killed me.

Direction wise it was the standard Shinbo fare. By now I’ve gotten used to the style of the show, so none of its stylistic eccentricity really wows me, but it’s all good. I didn’t really like how the opening scene in the class room lasted so long, but it did produce some nice shots. Overall it was the same as always, but good.