Comic Site Rant: Otakon 2007: Love and Fire

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Here is the Otakon comic. Report is now posted to the site, and can be viewed on the blog. Podcasts sometime next week if I can divine audible audio from the recording. Pictures whenever. Someone tell me a good place where I can bulk upload. Flickr?

Don’t really have much to say now. Hayate is good. Nagi is so cute. I think I may like a tsundereko, help. Need speedier Gurren Lagann subs. That’s it.

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12 Responses to Comic Site Rant: Otakon 2007: Love and Fire

  1. plounted says:

    i watched hayate for a while, but then realized the only reason i was watching it was because it had a gundam in the title sequence.
    so i stopped.

    i wish there were more subs for gyagu manga biyori 2.

  2. GreatSG says:

    Zack was a hot Lunamaria and you know it! :p

  3. Yeah, which is why I wanted him to take it off ;*

  4. Magusman says:

    I look so sexy in webcomic form.

  5. roast-beefy says:

    Just noticed the “con is closed” sign. Oh, 4chan.

  6. TheBigN says:

    That looked epic. Now I’m more disappointed that I didn’t go. :(

  7. That guy who dressed up as Luna is 4chan /m/’s resident trap. He dressed like that to get people from to come to his panel rather than the 4chan meet.

  8. I didn’t go seeing as I live on the West Coast, but I heard about Otakon from Reichu and the naughty Eva Panel via Eva Monkey Forums (which is currently down).
    The Con sounded like it was amusing, though. ^_^
    Love your artwork, VERY funny stuff!
    Take care!
    btw, I heard one of your Podcasts before and thought it was really well done.

  9. Red says:

    Why d’you say the Gundam panel was nerdy? We tried to make it more funny than lame this year.

  10. Gundam by nature is nerdy, I think.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Gundam. Sieg Zeon.

  11. Red says:

    Oh, cool. I’m just used to “nerdy” being used as a pejorative. R5 Central recorded most of the panel, so if you feel like hearing what you missed you can check them out.

  12. Link says:

    You drew me pretty accurately, despite what you said before!

    And omo looks like Kim Jong Il, which is strangely fitting.