And now…

The SA banning thing was fun for about a day, but the glow is slowly wearing off. I’m sure the same could be said of the nogoodnicks who made attacks on my various online dwellings, too. So, to quote my hero, “it was fun, but now it’s done.” Makes a good story for the kids, though.

Anyway, moving on. Otakon is basically tomorrow, and I think I am more or less prepared. Gotta pack a few things up, then just leave at the right time tomorrow and hope for the best. The only problem is I may have to hold back on my spending, as it seems I’ve spent a good portion of my income already! These damn pillowcases don’t come cheap*. I’ll have to limit myself to $300, or maybe even $200. It’ll be tough.

Well, that’s it. See you all after the con!


Random Moon Knives pic to close the post~

*yes, I really did order all of those