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Here is a comic. Updated today instead of Saturday because I wanted to get it out while the news is still kind of sort of maybe fresh. With hope a comic about the Eva movie trailer next week. The joke here is rather cliche, but I enjoy the over the top presentation. Also, it’s a Death Note parody, mostly parodying the anime. I think the art turned out better than expected. Would have liked prettier/more of Tina though, but the nature of the comic lent itself to showing Rets more, so I did. Also, here’s the podcast I forgot the upload last week. It’s kinda super old now, as we talk about Gurren Lagann from the point of view of ep 10! Chances are I’ll be recording with another guy about episode 15 and other things.

A week or so ago I wrote about how I may not get this Cardcaptor Sakura book that I ordered off eBay because I stupidly shipped it to my address in Boston. I should have more faith in the United States Postal service, as that mail forwarding thing actually worked, and the book came in yesterday! Sure, they’ve missed some important things (like, I dunno credit card bills) but thankfully they came through here. the book itself is quite nice. Pictures follow.

It’s been hard on the anime front lately. In addition to acquiring some new DVDs (Haruhi 2, PPD 4, Tenchi TV) the summer season has just started. It’s too much to keep up with! I’ve still not watched Sky Girls or Moetan subbed. Maybe I’ll really have to drop some things… I’m looking at both of you, Xenoglossia and Romeo x Juliet.

Despite what I’ve said about previous Otakons, I’m actually looking forward to Otakon 2007. I already have a hotel room and I’ve paid for my tickets. I’m meeting up with a good number of people, and should be getting some things signed, so it’ll be good. Also, I love the dealers room. While most of it is stuff you can just find online, there is just something about looking at this stuff with your own two eyes before you buy it. While the con probably will suck (which is apparent from the panel list, though they just let 4chan in and the lack of schedule so far) I know I’ll probably have fun.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Time finish this chapter of Kodomo no Jikan…