First Impression: Zero no Tsukaima 2

Dumping the Good and Bad thing since these first episodes are just too good to be bad.

When I saw the opening shot of this show, I thought it was going to be like this for about two seconds. Anyway, this is a pretty good show. It’s more of the same (which is quite a good thing), just cranked up a notch. Louise is more of a tsundere (on both ends) and Saito is a bit more of a pervert. Makes for great comedy right off the bat.

This is about the fourth show I’ve watched raw, so I didn’t understand much, thusly will not be able to comment on the story elements. I can comment on everything else, though! Like the animation! It’s pretty damn good! I really liked the first series for its consistent high quality animation, and it looks like it’ll be the same here, if not better.

Season 1 had pretty forgettable opening and ending themes, but it’s different this time around. The opening song here has far more punch than the last one, and the same goes for the ending. I quite like both of the songs, and figure I’ll listen to them a lot once the singles hit. As far as their respective animations go, they’re fine. Nothing to write home about, but not horrible. Kind of sad that the opening doesn’t have much Siesta. Makes me worry about her screen time in this season. The ending is quite charming actually. A little silly, but fun.

I can’t tell if the background music in this season is recycled from the old one since I didn’t really pay attention to the background music in the last one. Shiro, help me out here.

Of course, the main reason I liked this show in the first place was for how raunchy it was. The thing that got me into the first series was all the fanservice, and I’m happy to see that the second series in delivering it in spades as well! Everything from Louise’s nightwear to Siesta’s large breasts, it’s all here. Also, it seems the general raunchy tone is back, which pleases me greatly. However it’s not so raunchy that it feels cheap. It gets the balance just right, at least for me.

So yeah, this is a good show. Watch it if you liked the last one. Both series in general have “appeal” as Omo once put it (I would go back and find the exact entry but that’d probably entail reading a lot of Manabi Straight entries) so I think anyone who likes Japanese cartoons will get into it. The thing with Zero no Tsukaima is that it strikes a perfect balance with the all the elements most people want out of a show, so there’s a little something for everyone here.

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