Sakura ;__;

I recently ordered a copy of the Cardcaptor Sakura artbook, Cheerio! off ebay. While waiting for it arrive at my doorstep, I noticed today that ebay has my address set as the one in Boston!


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5 Responses to Sakura ;__;

  1. manga says:

    Ouch. It´s good I only have one adress for all my packages to be delivered too.

    I feel your pain man, I really do.

  2. ojisan says:

    Ha Ha!~ Yo are punished for posting Sakura’s image next to your sarcastic pedo ramblings last week! Let this be a lesson to you – the Clow Cards are powerful!

  3. BPShirase says:

    To the above poster, don’t disrespect the pedos. We have far more power than you could ever possibly comprehend.

    And man, that sucks about the artbook. Don’t give up hope, though! Change your address to the right one and order it again!

  4. Well I have a mail forwarding thing set up, but that’s kind of hit and miss, and I’m not sure how it works for packages. I think I’ll call the post office in Boston to see what’s up.

  5. jpmeyer says:

    Oh man, I had that happen to me when I was at school. I kept wondering where all the stuff I bought on eBay went, and then when I’d come home for break, there would be 3 or 4 packages in my room.