[Spoilers] Death Note anime comes to an end

Spoilers for the Death Note anime after the jump

I’ve said before that the Death Note anime has been a bumpy ride for me, but despite all that, it ended wonderfully. Having not read volume 12 of the manga, all this is new to me.

I did want Light to win though, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen after seeing the preview for this episode. The guy really got what he deserved, and I feel the series puts out a very good message regarding that. Light never cared about creating a new world. He was just morbidly fascinated by this new toy he found, and in the end became a soulless creature who only derived pleasure from killing. He treated life as a game, and never once thought that he might lose. It was quite sad to see him looking rather human in his final moments though. Kind of makes you sad that he found the book in the first place.