Dinner for Two

Not really a special occasion or anything, I just got some food and thought, “hey, I’ll do that thing lonely geeks do.”

I am a lonely geek.

Edit: Thanks, Cortana.

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8 Responses to Dinner for Two

  1. roast-beefy says:

    Hey, at least you got dinner

  2. Link says:

    I’m surprised that’s not a H-CG. :V

  3. Mephistopheles says:

    I wish I had that many figs. :'(

  4. Mephistopheles says:

    and I prefer chinese food, btw.

  5. TheBigN says:

    Glad to see I’m not that bad. :P

  6. Cloro says:

    i love anime gals i wish to they exist but MAN i respect you to post this

  7. Cloro says:

    btw is for posting this my mom caught me writing here instead of study for the exams

    a dinner with kaede … sounds good … pretty good

  8. Cur says:

    I want to dine with kaeda!