Bokura No and Seirei no Moribito

Gonna write about two shows that have nothing to do with each other. Because I’m awesome. Joking aside, the point of this entry is to address two shows that I’ve been watching but haven’t necessarily said anything about.

Bokura No

I like Bokura No. Maybe not as much as some of my compatriots, but it’s good TV. I mainly like it visually. It seems like it has a pretty average budget, but it looks good. I especially like the lighting effects, most notably in the opening. The character design is somewhat generic, but has a nice edge to it. They’re nice to look at. Episode 7 reminded me of episode 4 of NHK (among others) which was by Shingo Natsume. ANN doesn’t list Natsume as working on Bokura No, but it’s characteristic of them to be short information. This episode really looked like him in any case. I feel it works more in Bokura No than NHK simply because the Bokura No designs more easily lend themselves to that style, being somewhat angular and skinny.

Story wise it’s fine. I’m not completely taken, though. Each kid’s story interests me enough to watch more, but I’m not profoundly moved by any of them thus far. I also lack sympathy for them, probably because some of them died so early (thus not giving me a chance to learn about them), and their character development seems restricted their respective arcs. I suppose it’s easier that way. Makes it so I won’t end up in a crying mess. I was kind of hoping for the deaths more flashy and brutal. While some are, so far most of the kids have met their end do the rules of the game. The show’s only about 7 episodes in fansubbed, so I guess it could get better. But like I said, it’s already fairly good.

Though I don’t think Uninstall is a very good song. But it’s still stuck in my fucking head.

Seirei no Moribito

Wow, can they make this show any slower? It’s like watching one those three hours movies except for it’s not interesting. I was almost falling asleep at episode 9, but that was because I was tired. But still. It had a moment of action around episodes 2-5, and since then it’s started dragging. You can only go on for so long about some goddamn water spirit and signs of a drought before I just start yawning. God one entire episode took place is a fucking house. A bunch of talking! And it wasn’t even interesting! At least the animation is good, which is the only thing keeping me from dropping this show like a rock. It started fairly good, but now it just seems incredibly dull. Sorry Kenji Kamiyama, go back to cyberpunk stories plz.

Also Balsa is far too manly. Ugh.