Comic Site Rant: atashi no omoi anata no HA-TO ni/tonde tonde tonde yuke/ma – yo – wa – na – i

Original Post and Comic

This comic is pretty good. A lot better than the last one. The only problems are probably the last panel, which is a touch sloppy and Rets’ eyes in panel 3. Overall I’m very happy with it. Not sure if people will get the joke right away… or at all.

A podcast is in the works. I need to edit it down so it doesn’t seem like there was a lot of lag (because there was wireless arg.) Also I just registered for Otakon. Anyone want to do a Mistakes of Youth meetup? If so please leave a comment on this entry and we’ll see about organising something.

I think I almost have a job. Maybe. I’d like to secure something soon and start making money for Otakon 2007. I plan to clean Hendane of its CCS doujins, among a few other series.

Another short rant, but I don’t have much to talk about. Blogging has sucked most rant topics away for the time being.