What it means to be a “true fan”

Some people think I’m one of those guys who hangs out with anime fans just to make fun of their favourite anime because I hate every anime ever. No. I’m not Daryl Surat. I love Japanese cartoons, and because I love them I’m extremely critical about them. As an artist, I am watching the work of my fellow artists, and good artists criticize other artists. I don’t write rants about why Gundam 00 is going to suck just because I want to shit on, I write rants like that I because I honestly love the franchise and hate the direction that it’s going in.

A true fan knows what’s crap, and knows what’s good. Someone who just consumes everything and likes it regardless of quality simply has no standards or taste. They are just casual consumers– hardly fans. Fans genuinely care about their hobby, and it’s only natural that they’d be annoyed at the industry when most of the titles out there are absolutely terrible. I’d like to think the majority of Japanese otaku fit my description of being “true fans.” However, my hope is wavering, considering the amount of tripe that clogs the airwaves.

I think as a fan I’m pretty bad. Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny are both horrible shows, but I’m still buying them. Probably just because I think they’re funny, but it’s not teaching the industry anything except for that “this dumb shit sells.”

Anyway, the point of this was to dispel any kind of misconceptions that I hate anime, because that’s not true. I like a lot of things passionately, but I have strict standards. Because I’m a fan.