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Tried to emulate KyoAni style with this one. Mostly tried to capture Haruhi-esque lighting. I threw in hints of blue here and there, which I think helped. The art in general is fairly good. The second panel could use some work, but overall it’s fine. The joke is kind of lame, but I wanted to expand on the Romeo X Juliet stuff a bit more. I already have the comic for next week completed. It’s pretty good, I think.

I’m starting to like Shana more and more. I felt it started off pretty slow and boring, but by episode 11 and onward it’s become genuinely entertaining. One thing I’ve noticed with it is that the action scenes are, for lack of a better word, pretty lame. I noticed this in Zero no Tsukaima, too. I’m beginning to think that the current people at JC Staff can’t do action scenes very well. Thankfully this doesn’t hurt Shana too much, but some of these fights are really just the sliding of still images, or quick zoom outs from still images. There’s nothing dynamic or interesting about them at all. Thankfully the show has fairly decent character interaction/drama to balance this out. But god Yuuji still fucking sucks.

One show I haven’t really wrote about at length is Hayate no Gotoku. This is somewhat strange, as it enjoys the sexy second place in my top 3 of the season (Gurren Lagann being number 1, Lucky Star being number 3.) I have to admit that it dragged for a bit, mostly when it was introducing all the new characters. As of about episode 6 or 7 it’s gotten back on track. I generally find the tsundere archetype to be irritating (they are exceptions) though I am quite partial to Nagi. Perhaps it’s because she is more of a “deretsun” (as an associate of mine so lovingly called her.) Meaning she’s soft at first, and only gets set off when Hayate does something retarded (which is often.) It makes for an interesting twist on an otherwise tired cliche. The otaku angle helps a bit too, I think.

This next paragraph will be spoilers for Gurren Lagann. I advise you don’t read it if you’ve not seen up to episode 8.

I don’t believe I’m just speaking for myself when I say that I was quite shocked and impressed at Gurren Lagann episode 8. When I first saw the promotional material for this show (is it over a year ago, at this point?) I thought it was going to be a high speed upbeat adventure, so the events of episode 8 took me by surprise. I didn’t expect such epic death, especially in a Sunday morning kid’s show. It works well though, and I hope they don’t come up with some bullshit excuse to bring him back (hi Gundam Seed.) It’s kind of sad to see Kamina go so early, though. He really made most of the show for me. Let’s see how it carries on without him.

That’s it for today. See y’all next week.

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