Comic Site Rant: This is parody

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Someone told me that parody falls under “fair use.” So does that mean I won’t be thrown in the slammer for directly copying Death Note dialogue and artwork? I’m quite happy with how this comic turned out. I really like the first panel. It kind of got bogged down by text, but it looks nice on its own. This marks the end of the KyoAni arc. Will go back to regular gag comics now, though the next set of comics do have a hint of continuity also… Don’t worry, I don’t plan on turning this into Megatokyo. It’s just nice to dwell on certain subjects for a little while.


…sure hope all of you have had the distinct pleasure of seeing Colorful.

Speaking of Megatokyo, an acquaintance of mine linked me to this. Aside from finding it quite funny, I do think there is a degree of truth in there. The layers explaniation really got me, and that’s honestly where I believe the comic goes wrong. I don’t agree with it completelly, but I think Fred is trying to do too many things at once, it really hurts the strip. It could be due to Caston’s early influence that threw things off whack, or it could be that Fred just didn’t know where he wanted to go with this at first. I still read MT, simply out of habit. 30 seconds three times a week isn’t too much of a strain on my time, so I figure “why not?”

Like last time, I don’t have much to say. I’ll come back in full blogging force later, but for now, I need to watch Lucky Star…