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Whoa, cheapshot alert. This comic isn’t very clever at all. I felt I had to do something about Genshiken 2 though, given it is Big News. Yes, I am excited about it, but if it’s going to be the quality of the previous two animated works, then I can’t help but be a little disappointed. The art here is ok, I suppose. I can do better. I want to do something about Gurren Lagann episode 4 next week, but I’m not sure if it’ll be totally Old News by then. Oh well. After that I may continue on with my short Lucky Star arc (which really feels out of date now… do people still hate it?)

Since I forgot to do this over the last two months, here are my calendar pics for March and April. I really liked the pictures for those months. The pictures I have for the months of June and May aren’t so promising. Outside of that one really totally sexy picture of Makoto, it’s a goddamn sausage fest. I knew it was a mistake to ask for that Blood+ calendar. The problem was, when I asked for it I was really into Blood+ and not much of a Haruhist (took me a while before I sold my soul to Ms. Suzumiya.) I would much rather have that hot Haruhi calendar instead. Now I have look at a painfully homosexual picture of Haji for two months. At least the Eva one isn’t too bad. Yes, the undertones are there but at least it’s nice artwork. Note to self: never buy calendars from mainstream anime. Only Otaku calendars next year! >:O

Jigoku Shoujo Futagomori recently ended its fansub run, and I have to say I am so totally disappointed. At least after that ending I can be fairly certain that there won’t be more. The second series did the standalone stories quite well, as they all felt somewhat worthwhile and not weak like most of the stories from the last season. Even when they resorted to cheap shock value, the stories still felt worthwhile. The biggest mistake this series made was taking a previous case, expanding upon that and using it as a season finale. The problem with doing a series of standalone stories, is that you stop caring about them after they’re done, because you have the next one to move on to. So when they suddenly started focusing on this case again I asked myself, “why?” Sure, it was one of the stronger cases, but they expanded it to such retarded proportions that I stopped taking it seriously (yes, I took this series quite seriously for a little while.) The saddest part is that this arc is really the definitive end for the series, but the nature of the story just feels really last minute. Like, “oh we need a series finale, let’s build upon that old case.” At least take that one initial episode about the case and move it up so it can work with the rest of the arc. At least they worked Tsugumi and Hajime back into the story for a little while. That was neat. Though, I honestly don’t think I’d watch this series again. Sad, because it had so much potential. Those writers seriously need to learn how the structure a story, so they don’t mess up further productions that have so much promise the form of beautiful promo art, character designs and opening/ending sequences…

Anyway, college is ending this week and I’ve got to take care of a few things, so that’ll be all for now. Late.

God, I can’t write today…

edit: I knew I forgot something. Days 2 and 3 of the Anime Boston podcast have been uploaded.