The only good thing about Xenoglossia


Yep. That’s her right there. Yukiho something or other. Don’t know much about her personality except that she’s prone to falling asleep at random and could be a Good Girl. She looks like Shiori, has big boobs and hasn’t exhibited any behavior that would make me not like her, so she’s my no.1 in this show.

The problem with Xenoglossia is that it’s boring. All the characters are boring, the concept is boring (LOL LETS BLOW UP ASTEROIDS) and it’s just not fun enough. Well it’s “fun” but it’s a fun that smells like yens being stolen from Japanese otaku. A show like Magipokaa is real fun. Well, that also smells like yens being stolen from Japanese otaku, but them yens are well spent. The people making this show also fucking love Evangelion. There are numerous visual references and homages to the show, much like like Eva contains a lot of Yamato homages (I’m watching Yamato, by the way.)

I’m going to keep watching this, though. It’s Sunrise, and they’ve yet to deliver something that totally sucks, so I’ll wait until the end to pass judgment. They have presented some interesting mysteries in the opening and in previous episodes, so I hope they build upon those. If anything, I’ll watch it just for this