Comic Site Rant: 悲しい予感

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Anime Boston sketch dump. Quick and easy. Comics like these aren’t really funny, I guess. They’re just things that happened. You kind of had to have been there to divine any kind of humour out of these situations. I’d write more about the con but I kind of forgot it all. That, and I don’t feel like it. Check this blog post instead. NSFW, btw.

So many things happened this week that I need to make comics about. Real Genshiken TV 2, Gurren Lagann 4 drama and such. The problem with this news is that when it rains it pours, and once I get around to each news item, it’s out of date due to the nature of this weekly comic format. And I still need to finish the Lucky Star arc I started. Why can’t news fall more consistently? I think I’ll push my small Lucky Star arc aside for two weeks, and focus on those two news items. I also need to do a Romeo x Juliet comic…

There are two new podcasts. The end of the season review and the beginning of the Anime Boston coverage. I was kind of new at recording in the field then capturing it to my computer, so it kind of came out as 20 minutes of inaudible noise. I think the subsequent episodes are better, though. I’ll release those later.

I’ve been busy lately. I basically had a day off today, so I did all my work today. I just have a few more things to do before I kiss my first year of college goodbye.

Gurren Lagann episode 4 is interesting. I honestly didn’t think it’d garner such hate. It didn’t look so bad to me, but it could be that I’m just an “artist” so being a little off beat doesn’t totally bother me. Well, I was bothered. Some sequences really looked bad, honestly. I understand it was intentional, but I find this kind of work to be quite lazy. At least its laziness with style? Something like that. But honestly, some sequences where beautiful, and I quite liked the style of directing. At least it’s better than NHK 4. I find it funny that Mimori Keiko said that only pros can appreciate this kind work. While that’s true, you’re not making animation for pros– you’re making it for otaku. So don’t go out of your way to be artsy for no reason. Basically, keep the Studio 4C in Studio 4C plz. I don’t need it my giant robot shows. I did have more collected thoughts on this earlier, but they ran away when I was writing that 4 page English essay… Maybe they will reappear again, and will materialize in the form of a blog post.

That’s all for this week. I need to watch Lucky Star, then sleep or something. Later.