So I guess I should make a Lucky Star post…

…but I won’t. I’ll save my thoughts for the up and coming season review podcast, featuring two brand new speakers. I liked it though. I may have even, dare I say, loved it. I hear there’s some internet faggot anime blog drama over this because most bloggers have no taste and are like fake otaku or something. I dunno, I don’t read many anime blogs because they suck. Once one gets a healthy daily dose of Macias, Alt and Shingo, everything else begins to look awfuly amature…

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7 Responses to So I guess I should make a Lucky Star post…

  1. kransom says:

    Hey, welcome datacomp is plenty mature. :(

  2. I consider you guys up there with Macias, don’t worry ;)

  3. TheBigN says:

    Well I did just start out, and I’m not attempting to be like HD or AltJapan .

    Onto the real matter: Do those speakers rock your socks off? :3

  4. Please keep in mind the three I listed are merely examples. Everyone else on my blogroll I hold in high regard. Well, except Os’s blog. I just like flaming him.

    Re: the speakers: I dunno.

  5. TheBigN says:

    Oh I know about the blogs. I was joking about that. :P

    Re:Re: the speakers: You obviously need to get a new subwoofer. That should solve your problems, or at least emphasize them with bass. \o

  6. beerman says:

    I really enjoy Lucky Star. There’s no excess, no fluff… it’s just pure simple fun. It’s also KyoAni, so of course the animation is dealt with at a high quality. I’m even inclined to rank it as the lone #1 show of the new spring lineup.

    The overwhelming negativity surrounding it however (most noticeably amongst non-Japanese audiences) is depressing. There is even ‘hatred’ for the show. How does one knock around a show as viciously as these people do, when Lucky Star is completely harmless?

    I won’t point names, but I have a strong feeling we both know who theyse bloggers are.

  7. I actually don’t know, really. As I said, I don’t read anime blogs :V

    Well, I know a few, after some people told me…