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This comic has +100 wish fufillment points! Seriously, I drew a good half of this comic entirely with my penis. I don’t know any girl anime fans, but I’m sure they don’t all have nice bodies and dress in next to nothing. Sorry. I let my imagination get the best of me! orz

But, being serious here, the art here is inconsistent. I am more or less happy with panels one and three. I feel panel two is a bit off, but it looks a bit better coloured (and with some light fixes from the original lineart.) I really tried to channel KyoAni here. Not sure how well I did. As far as writing goes, it’s pretty normal. Normal meaning horrible as usual!

Manabi Straight recently ended. People keep going on about how it had a satisfying ending, how it was great series and whatnot. While I do agree with them to a degree, I don’t think this is UFOtable’s best. Yes, it’s a great little show, but it’s missing the insanity I’ve come to know UFOtable for. I’ve only seen two of their other works, though (those being Futakoi Alternative and Coyote Ragtime Show) so maybe the rest are different? In any case, Manabi was far too down to Earth for me. Well, at least in my “I am watching a UFOtable show” frame of mind. I wanted that giant Akira explosion from the PVs to appear in the show! I wanted Momo to turn into a secret squid agent from Mars! I wanted something like that. But they fell short. I am happy with what came out though, but I’m just a tad disappointed. Oh well, I guess I can always re-watch Futakoi Alternative…

Another show which recently “ended” is Code Geass. I put “ended” in quotation marks because the last two episodes are set to air sometime in summer, and second season airing at some point beyond that. The last two episodes have been quite shocking. Hard to believe episode 21 was the lighthearted school festival episode! Sure, all these developments are the direct result of Lelouch simply fucking up but I think we all knew it wasn’t going to go smoothly in episode 22. I honestly have no clue where the story plans on going now (Jupiter?) but, we have to wait till SUMMER to see the end of it. >:|

I watched Shuffle! Memories 12 yesterday. I haven’t seen episodes 8-11, but that’s fairly inconsequential given they’re all recap. Episode 12 was nothing short of genius though. Why? It was basically porn. So good. Kaede was the best, as usual. I kind of wish there were more nudie shots of her, but we can’t be too greedy. But yeah, one of the greatest anime episodes I’ve ever seen. Now, for some highlights.


I believe (*´Д`)ハァハァ most accurately describes my feelings about the episode. Also, it wins for the totally non-subtle Haruhi reference. “I am not interested in any normal fish! If there is a God’s fish, then come to me! That is all” (yeah, it makes more sense in context)

Earlier today, while I was in the art store desperately searching for supplies, I took a look their “manga table.” Which is basically a table full of those “manga” art supplies (there is even a “manga” sketch pad, which is just a normal pad.) They always have this phonebook sized book there, simply called “Manga” (can’t find it on Amazon given the name is so general…) Basically, it’s a showcase of a ton of artists’ works. The writing isn’t very special. Each artist gets a little blurb, once in Japanese, once in English and some more in some other languages. The main draw here is the work that’s on display. All of it is just random clips from these artists’ works, but it’s so interesting to see such a wide variety of styles compiled into one book. I wouldn’t buy it, but it’s fun to flip through. If you do plan on buying it, be sure to show it to those people who say “all anime looks the same”, their minds will be blown.

That’s it for today. I haven’t done much but made a comic today, so I’ll get to working through my fansub/DVD backlog.