Defenders of the Galaxy (Angel)

I understand Galaxy Angel was (is?) quite popular. So, having watched the first series a little while ago and just finishing the second, I ask you: Why?

The show is meant to be funny, yes? Do most people just have very bad senses of humour or I am missing out on something? In the first series, once I got past episode one, I knew it wasn’t going to be a laugh riot. However, the show was good cute fluff, and about half way through it did manage to produce some solidly funny episodes. The second series, Z, is an entirely different monster. I was told the show was “really funny”, and I came out feeling betrayed.

To be fair, it got off to a good start. Episodes one through three managed to churn out a decent amount of laughs due to a healthy amount of satire, absurdity and craziness. Sadly, after that the show just stopped trying. The setup for most episodes was to present wacky situation (say, Normad takes over the base) and build a story around that. The problem is, there are no real jokes. Sure, absurd stuff is happening but it’s nothing more than that– absurd. I don’t just laugh at absurdity alone. What’s more, the characters grew somewhat unlikable. Could it be because they sliced their intelligence in half? I don’t know.

I understand that’s only two seasons of a five season series, but if they’re all the same quality as Z, then I think I’ll pass. However, if they feel more like a revved up version of the original series, I’ll be all for that. But, sadly, at the moment I am thinking the only good things to have come out of the franchise are character designs, songs and opening sequences. Oh, let’s not forget Rune. Three episodes in and that show is solid funny stuff. Too bad it’s subbed at a near glacial pace.