Dear Kyoto Animation,

First off, let me applaud you on your work with the Kanon remake. I like it a lot. It’s a great show. Rather, it was a great show. Yes, you guys pretty much fixed all of Toei’s major errors. You made the artwork better, improved the animation, gave it a longer episode count; all that good stuff. However, you neglected to fix the most important thing: the winning girl.

As any sane person may have assessed, the main thing that ruined Toei’s rendition of the Sad Girls in Snow epic was who eventually won in the end. Ayu is not a good character. She is uguu, taiyaki, pounce and then repeat. A story around such a person does not make for a compelling series finale. However, a cousin does. Not just any cousin, though. A cousin who holds an unrequited love for the (dashing) male lead who (for some reason) doesn’t give her the time of day. There’s just… so much stuff there. Far more stuff than some girl the main character met when he was younger who died because she was stupid and fell off a tree, and then comes back as a ghost. Who cares? She is dead, a stiff, gone to meet her maker, and ate her pancakes. You can only write so much about a dead girl. And whether the viewers care or not is a whole another issue you have to wrestle with. It is quite clear that everyone cares for Nayuki. Furthermore, it is far more plausible for a romantic relationship to form between Nayuki and Yuuichi given their history. Ayu and Yuuichi’s relationship is forced. Right from that kiss at the end of episode 19. There was nothing leading up to them “loving” each other. Sure, close friends maybe, but love? Give me a break, KyoAni.

Sincerely, Wildarmsheero

P.S. I did appreciate the Mikuru look-a-like in episode 23. However, I still won’t forgive you for the Ayu ending. Not even for a strawberry sundae~

P.P.S. What a slut (nsfw)