March Anime, Spring Picks

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Ayakashi Ayashi: I think I should drop this.
Code Geass: Subs are slowing down, but it’s not much of a problem. I’m liking the recent developments a lot. Consistently good. I’m kind of surprised that the animation has been incredibly consistent and fluid up till this point. The show is at episode 17 now and there’s only been subtle quality drops.
Death Note: Luls at the new opening. Really just watching it for the pretty visuals, ’cause I already know what’s going on.
First Gundam: Sub more Sixtydeuce.
Hidamari Sketch: Oh hay people are subbing this now. Kind of behind.
Jigoku Shoujo Futagomori: Still a lot better than series one. Subs are way behind, but I guess that’s fine. Animation is so pretty this time around.
Kanon: The SAD GIRLS IN SNOW epic comes to an end. Poor Nayuki. Oh btw please someone license this so I don’t have to buy overpriced Japanese DVDs.
Manabi Straight: How come we’ve not seen any gothlolimaid commandos or combat squids yet? Is UFOtable sick? I’m liking this one a lot. Great production and great characters. But still, doesn’t really stick with me…
Negima!?: Neither here nor there. But Motsu is awesome.
Nodame Cantabile: Consistently entertaining. I know it’s terrible of me to like girly stuff by Nodame hits all the right notes (lol pun.) Animation kind of sucks though.
Pumpkin Scissors: Has some moments of greatness, and the characters have grown on me. But still, fairly bland and generic. How many episodes is this meant to be?
Shuffle! Memories: I’d rather watch the real TV series.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Coming to the end. Viewing has stalled due to a sudden surge in school work. Midterms and all that. Liking it a lot, though. Due for a rewatch in the future, most definitely.
Galaxy Angel Z: This was meant to the one that’s funny, right? I just watched the first two episodes and was only mildly amused… Rune is funnier. But I still like the Angel Tai, so.

Genshiken: Stalled due to school.

Dropped the Haruhi novels because I hate reading things on my computer. Hoping in vain for a US release.

Recently Finished
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time): Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Anyone who has taste will like this movie. If you get a chance to see it, watch it. It’ll be worth it. Big plus if you’re into some light SF.
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Really enjoyed my second watch a lot better than the first. Various reasons behind this, but I’m think I’ve finally converted over to Haruhiism. Kinda late to the party, I guess.

Gonna start Magical Pokaan once I finish CCS.

edit: lol forgot about Rocket Girl and Miina. Probably some other ones, too.

Spring Picks

The ones in bold are things I’ll watch no matter what. The rest is just stuff I have a passing interest in.

Darker Than Black: I think Bones is kind of shitty, but the art for this looks interesting. I don’t know what the premise is though.
Romeo x Juliet: Let’s see what those crackheadspots at Gonzo come up with. I’m not much for Shakespeare, though (the man bores me to tears.)
Gurren Lagann: I have already declared this the best anime of 2007. If Gainax lets me down I will personally kill all of them. Also, Yoko is hot. Just sayin’.
Hayate the Combat Butler: Someone told me it was funny.
Idolmaster: Eh? I guess. It’s Sunrise after all.
Bokurano: This looks pretty rad. Gonzo, but apparently Ghibli guys are on staff. Or I could be getting this mixed up with something else.
Lucky Star: For the KyoAni factor alone.
Dennou Coil: Don’t know what it’s about, but I saw some awesome production art.
Guardian of the Sacred Spirit: GITS:SAC team apparently. I’ll watch it for that.
Jeeg: Blame Matthew Alt for bringing this to my attention. Remake of classic Nagai show, apparently. Providing some losers sub it (they won’t) I’ll watch it.

And maybe some trashy harem shows too. Those are always good. So far I only really wanna watch Gurren Lagann though.