Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu US Release Details

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The latest video put up on the ASOS Brigade website revealed all the US release details for Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. For those who do not feel like watching the video, here is the rundown.

Special Edition Volume 1 Info/Extras

  • Price: $64.98
  • Variant DVD Cover
  • Hare Hare Yukai single
  • Double-sided pencil board (!)
  • Haruhi-ism iron-on
  • Haruhi’s hair ribbon

Special Edition box in action. Well, as “in action” as a box can get…

Volumes 2-4 will also have variant covers, double-sided pencil boards, iron-ons as well as extras unique to each volume. These will retail for $59.98

Special Edition Volume 2 Extras

  • Bouken Desho Desho single
  • Haruhi’s brigade leader armband

Special Edition Volume 3 Extras

  • Character song CD 1
  • Pillow case (!!!)

Special Edition Volume 4 Extras

  • Haruhi no Tsumeawase single
  • Another pillow case

On the whole, it’s quite a nice package. Sure, a bit steep for some, but you can probably find these for cheap on say, And really, for that price, all this stuff is worth it. And hey, it’s better deal than what the Japanese got! They had to pay ~60 dollars for 2 episodes per disc!

There is one bit about the special edition release that they kind of blaze over in the video and I found it to be quite interesting:

The rest of the special edition DVD volumes will contain a bonus DVD with japanese audio/english-subtitled Haruhi episodes in order originally broadcasted in Japan (also known as Kyon Order).

So, from this I can assume the normal release will be in Haruhi Order (chronological order of events) and the main discs on the SEs will be ordered as such, too. I find it interesting that the Kyon Order episodes are sub only. Would it really be that hard to apply the dub to them? I really don’t see the point in them being sub only. Not like I care, as I hate English dubs, it’s just that dubbies interested in the original order may be turned off by this. Also, I’ll probably be watching these discs a lot more, given the Kyon Order is far more interesting, but I’ll give Haruhi Order a whirl once or twice.

That’s it, really. The only thing you missed if you haven’t seen the video is live action Mikuru in a bunny outfit, which is really quite hot so… I’ll share the vid anyway!

I promise I will get back to making comics… give me a few more weeks please…