Rock Orchestra

What the shit

I shouldn’t like Nodame Cantabile. It is a show for women, and I am a manly (very manly, Char Aznable manly) man. Yet, I like it. Why?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not totally in love with this show, but I think it is rather good. Good enough to blog about. I think the only reason I even gave this show a chance in the first place was because of the Kenichi Kasai factor (perhaps you’ve heard of him. He did Honey and Clover THE FIRST.) I really liked what he did with season one of Honey and Clover. Each episode had good rhythm, and nothing ever felt boring. All the humour was well timed, and quite hilarious.

The studio, JCStaff, is also the same. Nodame Cantabile looks a lot like H&C, what with its watercolour backgrounds (which actually remind me more Karin, which isn’t surprising given some of the background artists are the same) and use of lighting. However, the show does not look as good as H&C. The animation is stiff. Often times the crew resorts to panning over stills of the characters playing their instruments, and it’s not uncommon for facial features too look somewhat skewed (especially in crowd scenes.) They do sometimes have 3D renderings of the instruments as they are being used, but this technique is kind of hit and miss.

What I like about this show is the main character, Chiaki. I can relate to him. Well, it’s not as if I’m good looking, or good at everything like he is, but I know his attitude well. He is kind of like Kyon except less clever and more of an asshole. I also like how he plays off Stresemann. To me, it seems that Stresemann is playing the part of the unconventional teacher that will teach Chiaki things “the hard way”, through experience. Either that or he really is as irresponsible and childish as he acts. Time will tell.

Nodame, the title character is actually the least interesting to me. While Ayako Kawasumi’s portrayal of her is quite cute and funny, I’m not seeing much past that. So far the story seems firmly focused on Chiaki, and Nodame is the comic relief. However, a lot can change over 23 episodes (according to ANN), and we’re only at episode 6.

Oh yeah, one thing. I still think the designs are bland.