Winding Road

The song Winding Road by Porno Graffiti (you may know it as the first ending theme to the lukewarm anime Ayakashi Ayashi by the overrated studio Bones) makes me want to embark on a great quest. It inspires the pioneer in me. I feel like going out to California and digging for gold like, right now. Man.

Besides Winding Road I have little interest in other Porno Graffiti songs. Not much of a j-rock person.

In other news I want to watch the Tenchi OVA, the Tenchi TV series and all the Tenchi movies right now. Blame Tokyo Kid once again for playing the TV opening while I was in the store. It was dirty of them to have the s-CRY-ed opening on before to lure me in…

Gotta get my hands on a Tenchi TV boxset.