February Anime

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Ayakashi Ayashi: I don’t even know anymore. Fucking floating combat masks.
Code Geass: When Sunrise makes a show I hate, then that’ll probably be the end of it all. This show is great. Lulu isn’t badass enough though.
Death Note: Whoa, I liked all the wacky imagery in episode 15. Srsly, they should do this more often. Makes it more interesting. Hirano Aya does a good Misa.
First Gundam: Just watched the movies, actually. They rocked. Still waiting for more TV series subs though.
Hidamari Sketch: I keep wanting to call it Futanari Sketch… uh, anyway, liking what I’m seeing of this one. Shinbo’s directing is definitely more relaxed here. Really digging the look. Also, Yuuko Gotou~
Jigoku Shoujo Futagomori: wow no episode in a month. gay.
Kanon: SHIORI NO. Really just gets better and better. So far the only thing I can count against this one is the Makoto arc, which really is just a problem with the source material, and not the actual production itself (if that makes sense.) I love you, KyoAni~
Manabi Straight: LOLI W/ HEART. Hawt production and fun characters make this show really great. Yet once it’s over it doesn’t really stick with me. Hm.
Negima?!: Kind of dieing at the moment. Needs to pick up the pace a bit, but the recent happenings have been kind of interesting. Animation going down hill?
Nodame Cantabile: Honey and Clover 3? Really, it feels like “FROM THE UNIVERSE OF HONEY AND CLOVER.” It’s mostly just the production style and directing though, but those are big things. I like it, but I fear I’ll lose interest. Also, character designs are BLAND.
Pumpkin Scissors: No episode has been as good as Loli Princess episode but episode 17 was kind of cool. Omo, how is this mainstream? :V
Shuffle! Memories: Guh recap. At least it’s decently done. I’m essentially watching this because it’s my duty as a fan. OR SOMETHING. I hope this is a prelude to some alternate ending OVAs but I doubt it. Digging the new openings though. Putting those character songs to good use.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Almost done. Can’t wait for the US release! Kyaa DVD quality and fixes~ Kyon’s narration still makes me LOL.

Cardcaptor Sakura: On the third TV series right now. Liking it very much indeed. Though a bit a cheeseball kids show at times, I can’t really blame it as that’s what it is. Sakura~

Genshiken: Yay I’m at the good part. WHERE ALL THE SHIT HAPPENS. Kinda made me wanna re-watch the anime. I just may do that.
Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu: Reading the fan translations when I get a chance. On chapter two. There is most certainly more detail, but most of them are irrelevant. Kyon’s narration is as LOL as ever.