Happy New Year

Happy New Year you crazies.

I enjoy abq’s approach to the new year. Though, I do have one resolution. One I won’t keep, at all. What is it? To make more comics. A laugh, right? Hahaha.

Oh, and here’s something I’m planning on doing starting this year: post my monthly anime viewing. Yes, so exciting right? It’s just copied and pasted from here, so it’s pretty pointless. Oh well, here’s January.

Ayakashi Ayashi: Developing into something interesting, but slow subs kill any tension or interest.
Code Geass: After a short break in the action, the show is picking up the pace again. Really liking this one. Also, CC.
Death Note: It does nail certain scenes well, but knowing the story in advance makes watching this less entertaining because the suspense is lost. I do love the look though.
First Gundam: Haha, Sleggar Law. And ZOMG Lalah appears : o
Jigoku Shoujo Futagomori: Haven’t seen it in a while : (
Kanon: Yay Mai’s arc! This is probably one of my favorite arcs, and KyoAni is handling it well. Really liked the dance scene and battle that followed. And the anteater. Though it looks like the animation is going down hill next episode again. Oh well.
Negima?!: Just watching it for Shinbo and his wacky directing. And all the girls : D
Pumpkin Scissors: Oh look something is happening. The loli-princess made it good. Brought the show out of D- land to the world of “A+++ would do business with again”.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Generally enjoying it more because I understand most of what’s going on when they talk about “closed space” and all that. And catching all that stuff knowing the series in advance is fun. And Mikuru.

Cardcaptor Sakura: A fun diversion. While not the ZOMG GREATEST SERIES EVAR MADE it’s a fun show to just sit down and watch. I’m about 5 discs in.
Tsukuyomi: I guess I’ll be keeping up with the DVD release. Never watched it on the wacky fansubs, and I’m not a dirty pirate who downloads what I can buy. I’m liking it pretty good, even if the plot is unfolding at a snail’s pace. Shinbo directing and Hazuki make it all wonderful. Mmm, Hazuki.

Black Lagoon 2: Wow, that was intense. Third season please? At least when there’s enough manga to pump out another 12 episodes.
Chocotto Sister: I loved this show soooo much. Need to get past volume 1 on the DVDs. A Christmas special was such a great way to end it : D
Lovedol: Hahahhahaha. At least it wasn’t a waste of time. Like Soul Link.
NHK ni Youkoso: Wow Gonzo didn’t fuck up too much! I thought it ended pretty well. Still wish the animation was as good as episodes 1 and 24 throughout. Oh well. Maybe the manga will end soon. Hopefully.
Zegapain: I don’t even know anymore.


I guess I’ll make another post once all the new shows start, or something.