Presents For All! (56k no)

I hope everyone is having a hot and sexy holiday season. To make it even hotter, I’ve decided to dump a bunch of a Christmas/winter/holiday themed anime images on you. Almost all the images are resized, so please click on them to see the full version. Warning, some of these images are HUEG (Yes, HUEG.) The patented Mistakes of Youth Witty Commentary ™ will be applied to certain images as I see fit.

We’ll kick things off with a picture of the Yuuutsu ladies looking very dignified while ice-skating.

I enjoy Kyon’s expression here. Mikuru looks cute, too.

Watch this turn into porn real fast.

Often times I forget that Haruhi is based off a series of light noves, and think it’s actually based on an eroge…

I’m liking gift-wrapped Kaede, I think I’ll exchange Asa for something else though…

I’ll exchange her for Primula :3

This is probably the best gift ever. No, fuck that “probably”, it is.

Can’t go wrong with old favorites. I like the 1990’s anime fan page watermark right in the middle of the picture. I kept it, as it was “charming”, kek.

Another Sadamoto masterpiece.

If that English is meant to be a translation, then it’s… totally wrong?

I should probably watch Cowboy Bebop again.

I’m pretty sure volume 2 of this has been backordered forever. Fuck you ADV, stealing my 7 dollars…

I think CC is hotter, but you know…

Yura and Kira <3

lol comic tones

It’s not Christmas without a cute little sister.

From Digital BS Turners.

Ok, so the next bunch of images are for the people who are 18 or older, so don’t click on them unless you’re old enough!

Happy Holidays, and all that BS. Now to spend the rest of my day opening presents and stuff.