Wii Will See You Tomorrow

Guess what? I finally got back into anime. This of course means I started Death Note. Interesting plot, which moved really quickly. What I liked was the fact that we know he’ll become corrupt so the series doesn’t build to that, it kinda rushes into when he is corrupt. That being said the directing is way too over the top. The whole montage of him writing tons of names to a christian chorus using stylised animation that makes it look like a handheld shot was laughable. Let me set something straight:

Christian symbolism does not make something cool.

I know this seems quite hypocritcal coming from an Evangelion fan, seeing how most of the imagery in Evangelion is there to make the series seem deeper than it actually is. If you want to look smart have symbolism compliment the show, not overwelm it. What makes Evangelion is the characters, not the cool symbolism.

Alright, on to more pressing matters: The Wii in 11 hours I will be holding in my hand Nintendo’s new next-gen system. Will it be good? I really don’t know. I am actually really nervous after seeing some of the stupid adds that they have been marketing, but it still looks amazing. Anyway…on to news:

Geekson has annouced that there will be a Bruce Lee biopic directed Rob Coen (that idiot that brought you Fast and the Furious and xXx). Apparently they are going to make a digital version of Bruce Lee’s face and plaster it on to the actors body (Matt King). THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK!!! You see digital technology will always get better and I can guarantee that digital animation will NEVER replace actors. The movie hasn’t been greenlit as of yet, they are still trying the technology. (it will fail)

Anyway, I’m tired and need to watch Battlestar Galactica, see you tomorrow with my Wiiview.

Countdown: Wii: 1day. The Fountain: 4 Days