Riders in the Skies

Welcome to the MoY blog! I’m really not sure how much use this’ll get, but it’s here now if I need it. Basically this blog is for me to have focused rantings on particular topics. The semi-weekly rants on the main site aren’t really focused enough for me to zero in on certain things. So, when I have something I really want to talk about, I’ll do it here.

Also, this’ll serve as a kind of collecting area for all the updates on my various sites. This blog will document the updates made on my personal art site and on the comic. This means rants from the comic site will be cross-posted, here, allowing people to leave comments on them. This will probably be the closest we’ll get to a forum in the immediate future.

You will notice that this blog comes with a nifty RSS feed (most of them do), which kind of renders the main site’s RSS feed meaningless. Though, chances are this’ll be so filled up with junk that you won’t be able to find comic updates. So, if you’re interested in my rantings and ravings along with comic updates, subscribe to this one. If you’re just interested in the comic, keep the other one up. Simple, no?

One more thing; this blog is merely an experiment. I’m not sure how long I’ll use it for. I’m just messing around right now. If it doesn’t last for more than two weeks, don’t be surprised.

Anyway, that’s all. I hope you enjoy it. And I hope it’ll last.